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Spodolepis danbyi  (S. substriataria,  Epirranthis substriataria)

Phylo: 911231
Hodges:   6799.1
Size: WS: 40 - 45 mm
Range: (Can): Alaska, Yuk, BC, Alta, Sask.
Range: (NA): MPG range and flight data
Range: (World): Nearctic
Season: (BC): Apr - May
Food: Larch, Spruce, Pine, Poplar, Douglas Fir, Willow.
Comments: Until recently danbyi was considered a subspecies of Spodolepis substriataria. With this division, S. substriataria is not now considered to occur in BC. S. danbyi is however, still listed by some as S. spodolepis, or by an even older name, Epirranthis substriataria.




Local Data

Observations: 7 record(s)
Year(s) recorded: 2016, 18, 2019, 2021.
First flight: Apr 05
Last flight: May 09
FWL: 18 - 20 mm

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