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TortricidaeTortrix Moths (Leafroller Moths)

Choristoneura occidentalis complex  (C. freemani)
Western Spruce Budworm

Phylo: 620305
Hodges:   3640
Size: WS: 22 - 28 mm
Range: (Can): Alaska, Yukon, NWT, BC, Alta.
Range: (NA): MPG range and flight data
Range: (World): Nearctic
Season: (BC): Aug.
Food: Fir, Larch, Spruce, Pine, Douglas Fir.
Comments: Part of the "Choristoneura occidentalis species complex" also known as the "Choristoneura fumiferana complex" and "Choristoneura freemani complex". These species cannot generally be distinguished from each other in photos and include:
 620303 Choristoneura fumiferana
 620304 Choristoneura retiniana
 620305 Choristoneura occidentalis
 620305 Choristoneura biennis - now C.o.biennis
 620305 Choristoneura freemani - synonym of occidentalis
 620307 Choristoneura orae
 620308 Choristoneura pinus
 620309 Choristoneura lambertiana
 620310 Choristoneura carnana



Local Data

Observations: 1 record(s)
Year(s) recorded: 2018
First flight: Jun 21
Last flight:

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