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ColeophoridaeCasebearer Moths

Coleophora cratipennella
Streaked Coleophora

Phylo: 421622
Hodges:   1365
Size: WS: 12 mm
Range: (Can): BC, Ont, PQ, NB, NS, PEI.
Range: (NA): MPG range and flight data
Range: (World): Nearctic
Season: (BC): May, Jun.
Food: Juncus sp. (Rushes)
Comments: unconfirmed ID. The Coleophoridae have been largely ignored in recent times and are fraught with undescribed species. Although these images resemble those at the various sites referred to below, this ID may be no more than wishful thinking.




Local Data

Observations: 10 record(s)
Year(s) recorded: 2013, 14, 18, 19, 2021.
First flight: Jun 12
Last flight: Aug 22

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