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GelechiidaeTwirler Moths
Subfamily Gelechiinae

Recurvaria nanella
Brindled Groundling (Lesser Bud Moth)

Phylo: 420702 Hodges: 1783
Size: WS: ~12 mm
Range: (Can): BC, Ont, PQ, NS, PEI.
Range: (NA): MPG range and flight data
Range: (World): Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, North Africa.
Season: (BC): May, Jul, Aug.
Food: Leafminers of Rosaceae (Hawthorns, Quince, Apples, Cherries, Pears), Pinaceae (Pines), Corylaceae (Birches).
Comments: unconfirmed ID


Local Data

Observations: 3 record(s)
Year(s) recorded: 2018, 2019.
First flight: Aug 05
Last flight: Aug 08

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