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AdelidaeFairy Moths

Adela septentrionella
[Northern Fairy Moth]

Phylo: 210111
Hodges:   0050
Size: FWL: 4.5 - 5.7 mm  |  WS: 11 mm
Range: (Can): BC
Range: (NA): MPG range and flight data
Range: (World): Nearctic
Season: (BC): May - Jun.
Food: Oceanspray
Comments: Although females have shorter, males of this species may sport antennae as much as three times the length of the forewing. The sexes are easily distinguished as the males have black heads, and the females yellow.




Local Data

Observations: 3 record(s)
Year(s) recorded: 2014, 15, 2018.
First flight: May 09
Last flight: Jun 04

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