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Living moths of the west coast 

Coffin Point lies in Stuart Channel at the mouth of Ladysmith Harbour on Vancouver Island (B.C., Canada). Coffin Point and Coffin Island are so called for the traditional funerary practices of the local native tribe (the Stz'uminus First Nation).

Since 2013 I have been photographing the moths, spiders, and other night life near Coffin Point. Some images here will be from elsewhere, but none outside the mid-island area (Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Lantzville).

There are some 2800+ species of moth to be found in the province. To date I have posted somewhere in the neighbourhood of 400 identified species (although some IDs are more certain than others).

There are the occasional update, but generally the taxonomy follows Pohl et al; 2018: Annotated checklist of the moths and butterflies of Canada and Alaska.

All species with a reasonably confident ID have been posted but do not include much of this year's efforts. Some species have been indexed under several names. In all cases this reflects an alternate name used by one or more sources listed for that species. The reasons for this range from simple but widespread mis-spelling of a name to taxonomic changes not yet, or not universally accepted.

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Arranged in taxonomic rank as ordered by Pohl.
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A daily record of observations during "National Moth Week" 2021.

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